Ralston K-6 Standards and Benchmarks

Ralston K-6 Standards and Benchmarks: Visual Arts



VA 6.1 Art Production: Creating and making original works of art.

VA 6.1.1     The student will use art materials and tools safely, responsibly, and respectfully in the classroom.

VA 6.1.2     The student will have an understanding of various art materials, techniques, and processes.

VA 6.1.3     The student will use different media techniques and processes to communicate ideas, experiences, and stories.

VA 6.1.4     The student will express knowledge of structures and functions.

VA 6.1.5     The student will select and use subject matter, symbols, and ideas to communicate meaning


VA 6.2 Art Evaluation: Interpreting and judging art works.

VA 6.2.1     The student will describe how different structures and functions cause different responses.

VA 6.2.2     The student will understand and explore prospective content for works of art.

VA 6.2.3     The student will reflect upon the characteristics and merits of their work and the work of others.


VA 6.3 Art History: Studying art works in historical, cultural, and social context.

VA 6.3.1     The student will have knowledge of the relationships between the visual arts, history, and culture.

VA 6.3.2     The student will explore specific works of art belonging to a particular culture, time, or movement.

VA 6.3.3     The student will show an understanding of how history, culture, and visual arts work together.


VA 6.4 Art Aesthetics: Exploring the aesthetic nature and value of art.

VA 6.4.1     The student will reflect on how people’s experiences influence the development of specific art works.

VA 6.4.2     The student will understand the purposes for creating art.

VA 6.4.3     The student will understand there are different responses to specific art works.

VA 6.4.4     The student will identify connections between the visual arts and other curricular areas.