Artist and Educator

Jodi L. Heiser

B.A. Commercial Art & Graphic Design

K-12 Art Education Endorsement

M.A. Instruction and Curriculum, with an emphasis in Art Education

Sea Horses

As an Artist and Art Educator

Ever since I can remember I’ve always had a love of art. As a child I spent much of my time with my younger brother, creating with him what we called “sets” or a bunch of drawings to create worlds of our own.  Looking back at the experiences of creating art with my younger brother I realize that I was doing what I was meant to be doing with my life, combining my love of art and education.     

cat bowl black leaf plate

I love all medias and experimentation with art, and I absolutely love that I am able share my love of creation and experimentation with my students.
  I have worked with a variety of media myself as an artist. I have been a Graphic Designer, Photographer, Painter, Illustrator, and have had the wonderful opportunity to work with Fused Glass as a medium. Currently I am a member of Down Under Pottery Ceramic Studio where I have fallen in love with clay.  My love of animals and nature shows throughout my personal work no matter what media choices I make.


My other two loves: Rescue Animals and Gardening

Me with Rescue kitty
Another of my passions is working with Rescue Animals. Since 2009 I have been a proud volunteer at Lincoln's only No-Kill Cat Shelter, The Cat House. In the time I have spent there I have become very involved with the Lincoln Community and Advocating for Animals. I am one of the Team Leaders on Monday Nights Cleaning Crew. I also volunteer three or more times a month giving tours for our adoption process, as well as conducting phone interviews for potential adopters. I have participated in the Cat Love Therapy Visits. These visits allow residents in different care settings to spend time with our cats. 

My most recent community involvement with The Cat House is a combination of my two passions, art and animal advocacy. In June of 2012 I created Cats and Crafts Art Nights. These nights are for both children and adults and combine art making, basic cat care education, shelter awareness, and a tour of The Cat House. Since starting June 2012 Cats and Crafts Art Nights has raised $2,690.00 I look forward to offering more classes in the future at The Cat House, including classes on companion animal care and pet behaviors.  Here is the address to The Cat House Newsletter where I am the featured volunteer. You can copy and paste it into your browser to learn more about Cats and Crafts Art Nights.



Growing up as a Farmers Daughter has instilled a love of nature inside me, and because of this another love of mine is growing things. From potted flowering plants to herbs and vegetables, if it grows I want to grow it. During the growing season I may have up to 75 or more potted plants. 


little pots

My heart belongs to creating art and I cannot imagine not being able to do so, I am so grateful that I am having the experience of working with my students and your children, learning as much from them through the art process as they learn from me. It is a true gift to be able to be employed in a position where I can carry out my passion of learning and creating.