Art Websites

These are fun links I found that you can 
use at home to learn about art! 

*NEW* A Pintura Art Detective
Learn Art History Online while playing Detective


*NEW* National Gallery of Art- Kids Zone
NGAKids Art Zone offers an array of interactive online art activities that are fun for all ages.


*NEW* Art Kids Rule
Fun activities, Resources & Tutorials for Kids, Grown-ups and Teachers


*NEW* Activity TV - Origami
Online tutorials for creating several different levels of Origami


*NEW* Activity TV - Cartooning
Online tutorials for creating cartoons.


Destination Modern Art
Flash Required*


Harring Kids
Interactive coloring book featuring American Artist Keith Harring


Mr. Picasso Head
Great fun - an interactive game that lets you use Picasso-style pieces of drawings to make your own composite Picasso image.


Make a mandala - a radial circle design. This is fun! Try it.


The Artist's Toolkit: Visual Elements and Principles
Explore the tools that artists use-like line, color, and balance-to build works of art.

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